The Berghoff Restaurant and Brewery

The Berghoff Restaurant and Brewery has been a Chicaco landmark since 1898, when Herman Joseph Berghoff opened the restaurant. The German-born Berghoff was an Indiana brewer during the late Nineteenth Century who sold his wares at the Chicago Worlds Fair in 1893 and saw a growth opportunity in the Windy City.

Berghoff’s orignal Dortmund style beer sold for a nickel. Today The Berghoff Restaurant is mostly catering and a popular lunch spot for busy corporate Chicago folks in the downtown Loop area. Try the Wiener Schniztel and any of the German style favorites: Berghoff’s Lager, Berghoff Hefe Weizen, Berghoff Pale Ale, Berghoff Dark or one of their seasonal beers (Winter Ale, Summer Solstice Wit, and Oktoberfest) when you’re in town – those five penny beers are going to run you back six bucks though. Cheers!

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