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The Berghoff Restaurant and Brewery

The Berghoff Restaurant and Brewery has been a Chicaco landmark since 1898, when Herman Joseph Berghoff opened the restaurant. The German-born Berghoff was an Indiana brewer during the late Nineteenth Century who sold his wares at the Chicago Worlds Fair in 1893 and saw a growth opportunity in the Windy City.

Berghoff’s orignal Dortmund style beer sold for a nickel. Today The Berghoff Restaurant is mostly catering and a popular lunch spot for busy corporate Chicago folks in the downtown Loop area. Try the Wiener Schniztel and any of the German style favorites: Berghoff’s Lager, Berghoff Hefe Weizen, Berghoff Pale Ale, Berghoff Dark or one of their seasonal beers (Winter Ale, Summer Solstice Wit, and Oktoberfest) when you’re in town – those five penny beers are going to run you back six bucks though. Cheers!

Goose Island Clybourn

Goose Island Clybourn brewpub is where the Goose Island Beer Co. story begins, in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood in 1988. The brewery is named after Goose Island, a.k.a. Silicon Island, a 160-acre artificial island in the middle of the Chicago River.

After partnering with Craft Brew Alliance’s Widmer Brothers Brewing in 2006, founder John Hall sold his controlling stake in Goose Island to AB InBev in 2011. While Goose Island can no longer market their wares as craft beer (since brewing major ABI owns more than 25%), the brewpubs (there’s a second one in Wriglyville) were not part of the deal and remain independent. Either way they make pretty darn good beer, craft or otherwise.

On deck we have an excellent seasonal pumpkin beer – enjoy it while it lasts! CHEERS!


Rock Bottom Brewery Chicago


Rock Bottom Brewery is but one esteemed brand in the stable of CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries – a brewing behemoth formed by the acquisition of Rock Bottom Brewery and Gordon Biersch by private equity investors Centerbridge Partners in 2010. Together they run more brewpubs than any other company in America – 70 in all around the country!

Rock Bottom is known historically for granting on site brewers independence and discretion to brew the beers they want to brew for local tastes. But the times, they are ‘a changin’! RB’s corporate overlords mandates half a dozen or so standard house beers that each location must produce in addition to honoring the long standing tradition of experimentation and localization.

So why are they called Rock Bottom? It has nothing to do with that feeling Monday morning after a weekend of willful liver augmentation. Rather, the brewery’s first location opened in the Denver, Colorado, Prudential Building (Prudential, a.k.a., “The Rock”) in 1991. The rest is beer history!

Beer flight ready for takeoff! On deck we have Lake Shore Drive Lager, Chicago Gold Ale (brewed with Cascade and Centennial hops), Red Line Express Red Ale, Liquid X Hefe, Autumn-atic IPA (Equinox hops), and Happy Camper Porter. CHEERS!