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Brooklyn Brewery

Ahh, Williamsburg – nothing beats living at the epicenter of the hipsterverse! While Brooklyn and New York City are not necessarily know for breweries as well as, say, SF or Portland (yet), there are a few oldies but goodies. Brooklyn Brewery is one such oldie/goodie, established by former Park Slope neighbors Steve Hindy and Tom Potter in 1987.

Hindy came back from the Middle East in 1984 with an education in beer making, of all things to pick up in Syria and Saudi Arabia, and quickly got to work. They purchased a North 11th Street former matzo factory in 1996 and expanded across the street in 2009. Still, most of their beer is produced updated in Utica by contract brewers (originally Matt Brewing Company, brewer of Saranac’s delicious craft beer) because demand is just to great for this “little” brewery that could!

On your next trip to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, definitely stop by Brooklyn Brewery for a few refreshing craft beers – $20 gets you five beer tokens, each good for a wickedly fresh plastic pint of BK beer!

McSorley’s Old Ale House


McSorley’s Old Ale House, or simply “McSorley’s,” is the oldest Irish pub in NYC. A New York fixture since 1854, McSorley’s counts patrons from all walks over the last century – presidents Lincoln and Roosevelt to E.E. Cummings and John Sloan have all imbibed the dark and light beer offerings at this venerable watering hold. Not much has changed over the years, and New Yorkers like it that way – even Houdinis handcuffs are still affixed to the bar!

Ordering at McSorley’s is as easy as drinking atMcSorley’s…they offer two choices: dark or light. One 8-oz glass for $2.75 or two for $5.00. How could you not order one of each?!