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Deschutes Brewery


Deschutes Brewery! We are in the brewery big leagues now! Any self respecting Pacific Northwest beer quest deserves a stop in Portland, Oregon (a.k.a., Beertopia or Beervana)!

Deschutes Brewery Portland
Deschutes Brewery Portland

It truly is Beer Heaven out here. Portland is home to more breweries (and strip clubs) per capita than any other American City! Seriously though, we love it here at Deschutes Brewery, located in the heart of Portland’s Pearl District. The Pearl District is a bustling hub of galleries, shops and of course brewhouses (more opening up each monty)! Oh hoppy day!

Mount Hood is featured prominently throughout Deschutes Brewery’s Portland brewpub. Here is a beautiful example of hand crafted beer art!



Wild River Brewing & Pizza Co. Cave Junction

Wild River Brewing & Pizza Co. was launched as Steelhead Brewery in 1990 by Jerry and Bertha Miller – you gotta love a good ‘ol family brewing team! Today they run five locations, have dropped the Steelhead name and happen to make a wicked awesome taco pizza! Perfect pitstop on any beer quest.