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Stumptown Brewery


Stumptown Brewery is brought to you by the bar genius behind Zietgeist in San Francisco. Stumptown is a fine little brewery located on the Russian River in Guerneville, Sonoma County.

We hopped into Stumptown Brewery for a beer flight between wine flights and could not be happier with Stumptown’s laid back, riverfront location and of course a few delicious house craft brewskis! The Redwoods in Stumptown’s logo represent a throwback to the ancient forest that blanketed Sonoma County before humans cut them all down (hence the name…Stumptown)!

When in Sonoma, take a break from wine tasting, with beer tasting at Stumptown Brewery! Cheers!


Beer flight on deck at Stumptown Brewery! Rat Bastard Pale Ale, Blimey the Wanker ESB (LOL!) and Bushwhacker Wheat. Our personal favorite is the Rat Bastard…you are what you drink!