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Maine Beer Company

Maine Beer Company was founded by brothers David and Daniel Kleban, a financial advisor and lawyer by trade, respectively, on the outskirts of New England’s Freeport, Maine. While fairly new to the craft beer scene, the Kleban’s pack an inordinate punch relative to their small batch production due to legendarily hoppy ales such as Lunch (IPA), Dinner (Double IPA), Peeper (Pale Ale) and Zoe (Amber Ale). They have been compared to Russian River Brewing and The Alchemist due to their laser like focus on quality, community and sustainability (as evidenced by their motto: “Do What’s Right”). If you come across their beers, which can be a challenge due to limited distribution, drink them – you will not be sorry! Or just make the trip to Freeport…Maine Beer Company is worth it, especially when combined with a visit to L.L. Bean!